The individual health and wellness program is designed specifically for the client. This program starts with a consultation that gathers information from childhood all the way up to the present age. All health and wellness concerns are discussed and explored through a thorough one to one session. Two non-invasive RBTI tests and analyses are completed in order to determine current health status in comparison to the ‘perfect health’ equation. Health and wellness goals are established and a 12 week program is developed for the client which includes detoxification, a focus on the 8 laws of health and 12 RBTI weekly tests to measure and monitor progress towards health. This plan includes dietary and lifestyle recommendations utilizing whole plant foods, herbs, essential oils and/or hydrotherapy and/or poultice application. The following 7 focus areas are including in the program:

  1. RBTI Analysis
  2. Cleansing and detoxing your body 
  3. Adoption of a whole food, plant-based diet with a focus on eating the RAINBOW
  4. Planned food intake based on mineral charts and tracking of meals daily
  5. Incorporation of the 8 Laws of Health
  6. Immune enhancement 
  7. Hydrotherapy and/or Poultice application as required

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