Kendra-Lee Pearman of Refressh Ministry Bermuda

Kendra-Lee Pearman is the Founder and Executive Director of REFRESSH Health & Wellness Ministry. She is passionate about providing education and coaching to individuals who want to adopt a healthy and optimal lifestyle following the 8 laws of health – air, sunlight, power of abstemiousness, rest, exercise, food you eat, water, and trust in God. Since 2016, Kendra-Lee has been sharing her knowledge and experience in health and wellness programs and seminars. She has over 20 years of experience working in leadership and teaching positions at the undergraduate and graduate levels both in Bermuda and overseas.

Dr. Pearman completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Psychology from Andrews University, a Doctor of Naturopathy in Original Medicine (ND) from International Institute of Original Medicine, a Masters of Science (MS) in Teaching Students with Special Needs from Wheelock College, and a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Elementary Education and Psychology from Atlantic Union College. Dr. Pearman also has achieved various qualifications in leadership and management, executive coaching, organisational development and design, leadership assessment, resourcing and talent management, change management and nutritional counselling.  Dr. Pearman is also a Certified Nutritional Counsellor (CNC).