REFRESSH has not only been an eye opener, but it has allowed me to see what God has intended for us from the beginning. Our bodies are temples and we must respect and treat them as such; it starts within.… Read More

Shondi W

I've had the privilege to experience REFRESSH RBTI Individualized Program, designed especially for my individual needs. You will learn how to adjust your lifestyle to make positive changes that will lead to long-term results, while Dr. Kendra will be there… Read More

Candy W

First, let me say that Dr. Kendra-Lee Pearman always demonstrates professionalism and a genuine concern for your overall health. I have learned so much about my body and what is needed not just from a physical standpoint but also spiritually.… Read More

Karen P

I believe REFRESSH Ministry, based on the 8 Laws of Health, is God ordained. The most important item for me is my relationship with God, the Father, and knowing that this was the right season for me to participate on… Read More

Sonia P.

Great news. Just had my labs last week and physical today. My doctor said she wanted to call me before today as my labs blew her away. I am doing great and my weight is down.

Rochelle M

It was a most interesting 30 days. I grew spiritually as I better understood God's health plan for me. I loss weight, BP numbers changed for the better. (I'm yet to see my Dr.) My tummy issues have greatly improved,… Read More

Pam M

This program was amazing! It really opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle and helped me feel better overall. I am excited to continue on this path and see the long term results.

Meredith L

This program was timely for me spiritually and physically. I was happy to invite a friend who has been equally and tremendously blessed.

Lakeisha B

Praise God for the opportunity to be introduced to Dr. Kendra-Lee Pearman by a very special friend. We connected, like we have known each other before during my consultation She designed a specialized program for me with some remarkable results.… Read More

Cheryl G