Genesis 2:7

Fresh, pure air is the body’s most essential resource and the most important nutrient.  Air depravation for as little as 3 minutes will have very apparent and serious effects on our health and very existence.

Pure fresh air is the first essential of a healthy body. We can live without food for several weeks and without water for several days, but we cannot live without air

Proper breathing of pure air is more important than food or water and is fundamental to optimal health

Fresh Air provides oxygen for the metabolism of ingested nutrients as well as for cellular functions.

Pure fresh air is a gift from God. Sun rays sterilizes it, rainwater washes and cleanses it, and plant life purifies it by synergistic action.

Pure, fresh air, oxygenates and enlivens the body.

Fresh Air is a food that aids in the performance of many vital functions.

The oxygen in air is carried by the blood to every cell in the body and is essential for cellular metabolism

Fresh Air contains electricity which charges nerves and muscles and increases energy.

Fresh Air is a healing agent and acts as a purifier and a deodorizer.

Fresh Air produces a more positive mental attitude and strengthens and nourishes the nervous system.

We breath in oxygen from trees and breathe out carbon dioxide which is a nutrient for plants.

High quality fresh air is electrified and the oxygen molecule is negatively charged. This provides the following benefits:

  • Improved functioning of the lungs, relaxation and the ability to deal with stress, mental clarity, healing of wounds, decreased survival of bacteria and viruses, stimulated appetite and easier digestion and induced sound and restful sleep.