Proverbs 3:5

  • Acknowledgement of our dependence on a Higher Power.
    We are subject to the higher laws of nature, just like everything else in the universe. The acknowledgement of our dependence on God opens the pathway to achieve spiritual maturity. By following the laws of nature and trusting in our Creator who governs our universe, we can have health that is beyond man’s limited comprehension. A right relationship with God is a gift leading to right choices and eternal life

Love for our Fellow Man.
Love’s mysterious healing power uplifts the giver and the receiver and improves our social relationships.

  • Daily Exercise of our Spiritual Self.
    It is important for our spiritual growth to spend quiet time awakening our inner mind and spiritual side. This happens through daily Bible study, prayer and service to others.

Learning from Nature.
Nature is our textbook and by observing, studying and applying the powerful laws of nature to our lives, we can be spiritual enriched to overcome any boundaries and physical limitations.

An Active Prayer Life.
Prayer is widely known for its power to heal conditions with its powerfully effective life force – God. An active prayer life opens our minds and hearts to God, who is the Source of all knowledge, wisdom and health. Total trust and reliance on a loving powerful God provides the ability to enjoy a healthful lifestyle.