Galatians 5:23

Self-Control means to be moderate using self-restraint and self-control.

Self-Control is necessary to avoid behaviors that destroy health.

Alcohol, tobacco and addictive substances such as caffeine are best avoided because of the poisonous effects on the body.

Self-Control is generally associated with avoiding harmful things, but it also includes the wise and judicious use of things that are good.

Self-Control also needs to be practiced in eating and properly combining good foods, supplementing with vitamins, and using herbs and other specialized products.

Self-Control needs to be employed when we exercise as well as when we rest.

Lack of self-control in anything can compromise optimum physical health.

Self-Control is needed every day in all aspects of our lives so that we are balanced to achieve the highest attainment of our physical, mental and spiritual development.

Moderation in those things that are healthful and abstinence from all things that are harmful

Health of BODY, MIND and SOUL is possible with a self-controlled life.

Lack of self-control in anything can compromise optimal physical health