Ecclesiastes 11:7

Sunlight is the energy source ordained by God to sustain the cycle of life for plants and animals and life would cease to exist if there was no sunlight.

Sunlight helps maintain the ambient temperatures of the earth which supports both plant and animal existence.

Sunlight is extremely important for the body’s metabolism and hormonal balance.

Sunlight produces vitamin D in the skin and improves vitamin and mineral absorption.

Sunlight helps with the overall  improvement in metabolic function and efficiency of the body

Daily sunlight is required for all healthy, living things to develop, grow and flourish

Chemically, sunlight unlocks the vitamins in our food and it controls the chemistry of the blood.

Physically, sunlight warms and energizes your body and acts as a stimulant, tonic and healer.

Psychologically, exposure to sunlight offers the experience of peace, joy, happiness, and a feeling of relief and freedom.