I am a 57 year old mother of 4 including twins, now with soon to be 8 grands. They are the joy of my entire being. Before Refressh and in my life time, I have struggled with my weight fluctuating - if I don't work out it won't stay off. The least amount I've weighed in my adult life was 105 at the age of 24 yrs. This was before I had my youngest son because every day I jogged 8 miles faithfully. However, I was stressed, over worked and malnourished so not at my best health at all. I suffered many headaches along with hospitalisation and IV's. Later in life I tried many other weight loss programs - Atkins diet, weight watchers of which I travelled overseas pretty often to take part of, and so many others. Mind you, I started to lose some weight after much tweaking to suit my special dietary needs as they put me in a category of an "unnatural vegan" because of so many allergies. Now to date, the most I have weighed is 197 lbs which was my weight in August 2022. One morning, I heard via a women's prayer zoom meeting a sister was giving a testimony of a person and people she helped recently. I am usually so busy buzzing around my house that it's hard to hear all whom speak during the meeting while getting dressed for work, but I stopped what I was doing and sent a message to a friend who could give me more information about Dr. Kendra-Lee Pearman. Only GOD'S ANGEL. What a tremendous blessing she has become to my entire being as my life has been changed for. ever. REFRESSH has been the first program I have ever done in my whole life that did not need tweaking to apply for comfort because everything is GOD'S NATURAL PLAN of ORGANIC NATURAL PLANT BASED. Like she says, we "Eat the Rainbow". Never ever, ever in my life have I been in a program where the Dr. calls and checks in on you for the first 30 days and beyond. This is GOD's Precious Angel. As true GOD send I thank God for Her every day. I have managed to keep off 32 lbs since October, mind you with lots of temptation and not as much exercise as I used to do. GOD is working on my heart and mind to stay focused on what HIS plan is for my life and I am learning to trust people again through this entire experience.

Thank you Dr. Kendra-Lee Pearman
I pray that all that you continuously pour out onto others through this ministry, that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL pour out a greater portion upon you and yours so that you can teach all the correct methods to apply to their lives so that this world would be in tune with GOD'S will and HIS WAY.

Glory To GOD Forever 💕

Aneesah D