My husband and I have been searching for a way to eat right. So we decided to cut out all the vegetables meats that we where buying from the stores. We started to eat just streamed vegetables and salads and fruits. We did this for about two years. So in August of this year our church was having its annual picnic. So we went to mingle with our friends and other members from our sister churches. As I was having a dip in the ocean a bunch of us ladies where talking and Mrs. Kendra just happen to be there. Boy talk about faith. So we started talking about eating healthy. Kendra mentioned about going to her classes she was having and was getting ready to start up another class. My ears perked up, because my husband and I have been looking at tv shows to learn how to eat right and we found some shows about plant base eating. I told Kendra sign me up. I’m definitely in. So I joined her classes. I lost 13 pounds while doing the classes with Kendra. I will be eating like this for the rest of my life. People are always coming up to my husband and I and telling us how good we look. Not just the weight but our skin is glowing. We feel so much better now. We sleep better, think clearer and we get plenty of exercise now that we can get up early. I just want to thank you Kendra for all your work that you put into this beautiful business and I pray that you prosper and do well with it. I’m a witness and I will always be a supportive friend in your business. I tell many people about this program. It’s one of the best things that has happened to me. I’m so grateful that God inspired you to speak up on the health issues and May he bless you abundantly. Your long time friend and now family. Gloria Holdipp.

Gloria H